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Geppetto's Retribution

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I make sweet sweet love to my guitar, anyone else have funny pictures?! We'd love to see you get goofy with us!

White Elephant gift exchange with the band! Lea got stuck with the Yukon Jack! Hope everyone had a great holiday season, we sure did! I got a shirt that said, "You done messed up A-a-ron!" Daniel got Fireball, Ferd got some towels, Gary got a cocktail mixer set, and Lea got stuck with the Yukon Jack! Hahaha!!!

!!!!!!! We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to announce our 200th Like here on Facebook. Thank you all for following and showing your support for Geppetto's Retribution. Congratulations to Arin Ross for being our 200th follower. We love you buddy. It took you long enough but your timing is perfect! :P You win!!!!
As soon as we wrap it up in the studio, we will mail you a free hard copy of our album. Coming early this new year.

Geppetto's Retribution Halloween party at The Mansion.

Trenchers Kitchen & Tap

We would like to say thank you again to Trenchers Kitchen and Tap for hosting us last night, we had a blast! Can't wait to come back in for the next show, thanks guys!

Artisan menu, craft beer, hand-crafted cocktails and live entertainment daily

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Band Members

Daniel Neumeyer
Dustin Sandlin
Gary Stensland
Lea Weber
Ferdinand White


Record Label

Neumeyer Records
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