Photo by @dj_neric_5000. Thanks so much for coming out last night Seattle, such a fun show! Special thanks to @goldensuitsvibes for having us, travel safe ❀️❀️

Headed home from rehearsal. I've been barfing now and again for the past couple days and I swear to god hearing these dudes play some music tonight healed me. Thanks @alex_westcoat @mattbateyrules @ohwillie @aaronmcbenson. Don't miss us at Barboza this Friday--we're opening for @goldensuitsvibes at 8pm sharp! Highly recommended (especially if you're barfing).

Playing this great line up with Shelby Earl and John Roderick tomorrow! Come celebrate Hillary's victory with us!

Why choose between a floppy-haired guy in front of chinoiserie wallpaper and a swept-back hair guy in front of chinoiserie wallpaper when you can have both on the same night? We're opening for Golden Suits (Fred from Department of Eagles) at Barboza on Friday, 11/18! This is our first club show in more than a year, come get a sneak peek of our new record and party with us 🎷🎀🎸🎹😎


That'll do--on at 8pm at the @showbox supporting @jakebugg! Come!

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