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NEW MUSICCCCC! Check it out! So stoked to share my new group with you all! <3

The first single, "CRUEL," is here! Our album will be out soon, we've been working really hard and we're hyped to share it with you. Come to The Vera Project to hear the entire thing before anyone else!
If you like what you hear, maybe share it? Much love.

Limanjaya Cody Kilpatrick (yesicant) ZAHARA

TOMORROW! I would love to see you at our show at The Vera Project at 7:00 with Limanjaya Cody Kilpatrick and my new group, ZAUX. Sooo stoked about this performance and we can't wait to share our new stuff. Get your tickets on the Vera website for $6 or at the door for $8.

Hey guys! I'll be performing at The Vera project with my not only my own set, but also debuting my new group titled ZAUX on January 13th. It would mean so much if you came to support this new group that also features Limanjaya and Cody Kilpatrick (yesicant) . We have a lot of cool things to show you guys! Follow the link to get tickets online :)

12.20.19 UPDATE: There are sooo many exciting things that are coming up for me musically in 2017 that I can't wait to share with you guys so be on the lookout. Thank you for all the support and love I've gotten on my project so far. I wouldn't be where I'm at without God and you guys.
I really hope you're all enjoying my EP, Efflorescence and if you haven't listened to it already, you can check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music.
I have a show coming up at The Vera Project on January 13th with my new group called ZAUX (pronounced liked faux) which also features Cody Kilpatrick and Limanjaya. I'll be performing my own short set as well. I would love to see you there!

Hope everyone's having a good holiday season! 💕

Thank you Abbs Coughlin for the photo!!

Thank you everyone who was able to make it out last night! I'm so beyond grateful for each and every one of you. So crazy to see some of you singing along to my stuff🙈 more shows and projects coming up, and I can't wait to share them with you. 🌸 Special thanks to Praxis Arts and the painters Limanjaya and Wandr


HERE IT IS! Thank you again to everyone who has helped me get to this point and all of the positive I’ve received from the single.
Thank you LUNA GOD for producing the EP, as well as Zachary Marsh and sonofman productions for helping bring my vision to life. Shout out to RC Johnson for the amazing album art! For now it is only on bandcamp and soundcloud but will be on spotify and itunes soon.

I really hope you guys enjoy this album as much as I do. Please take the time to give it a listen and don’t hesitate to share it with others!

I will be performing all the music from this album on Saturday so I would love to share that experience with you all.

Again, I’m so grateful for the love and support. I present to you, Efflorescence. Produced By @lunag0d Lyrics By ZAHARA Special thanks to Kyle Mangels, Zach Marsh, and RC Johnson.

Stickers just arrived! If you want one you'll have to make your way to the December 3rd show. There will be more merch as well.

Follow the link to buy your tickets. It's $5 cheaper if you buy them online ✌🏽️

All Over

Single now on SoundCloud✌🏽️
Check it out if you haven't already
Or take another listen 💕 All Over - Single is out now EP coming soon

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