Mamiffer is the experimental music project of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, from Seattle Washington.

Janne Westerlund

Faith contributed vocals to Janne Westerlund 's beautiful new record "There's a Passage" on Ektro Records

Many have asked who are the other vocalists on the song "So Messed Up". They're Faith Coloccia (of Mamiffer), RICHARD DAWSON, and Sirpa Järvenpää (of Seksihullut). All very lovely & talented persons to work with, big respect & a thousand thanks!

Faith Coloccia – Mamiffer

New interview with Faith Coloccia for Femme Metal Magazine Interview by Miriam C. I candidly admit that often I have serious issues in creating some real introductions for my interviews because I’ve learnt that music has to be enjoyed according your …

Mára "Surfacing" cassette (limited re-press) 2E

Mára's "Surfacing" cassette re-press is now available at the SIGE Records store:

Images of the Mamiffer cassette for "The World Unseen" Silver ink on black stock printed by Stumptown Printers in Portland OR:

Mamiffer "The World Unseen" CS pre-order

The World Unseen cassette version is now available for pre-order Will ship end of December SIGE Records 2016. Sige045CS Edition of 100 copies Custom printed 4 panel J cards plus color insert, art, design and phot...


Some paintings Faith made are now available here: SIGE store for records, books and rare artifacts

The World Unseen Japanese bonus disk with 3 new songs is available today:

Mercy Through Faith

Thanks to Tim van Gerner for sending us this beautiful cover of "Mercy" :) Based on the song "Mercy" from Statu Nascendi by Mamiffer

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Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner

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Hydra Head, SIGE, Daymare

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