Depths of the Sunset

Depths of the Sunset

Depths of the Sunset is an extreme metal band fighting under the Danger Mafia Records banner. They blend all the elements to create profoundly new music.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

To all of you who made it out to the show on Saturday, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It was so awesome performing for all of you. The Anchor Pub is such an awesome place, we would also like to thank the staff there. Lastly, but not least we would like to thank Emanon!!! It was kick ass sharing the stage with you guys again. Rock on people. We were very happy to have played for y'all. We have began writing even MORE GOOD SHIT for your ears, so look out for some more new songs. We also went into the Art Institute this week and got some recordings...we will let you know how they turn out! Stay heavy! Keep an eye out for the next show!!!
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Happy Turkey Day underlings!!! Check out what we got!!! Stickers for our fans who we are so grateful for. Have a kick ass night, get trashed, and stuff that turkey....

#dangermafiarecords #depthsofthesunset #thanksgiving

Who all is coming out to see us and Emanon play a FREE SHOW at The Anchor Pub on November 26th?

Videos (See all)

Draconic Sneak Peak
Happy Halloween 2016
Michael Piano Solo I
The Final Battle by Depths of the Sunset
Malevolent Psychosis (DEMO)
Bonus scenes to our first show....
Depths Of The Sunset (LIVE)


Band Members

Michael Vasil: Vocals, bass, keyboards.

Unity Carro: Guitar, vocals.

Harrison Schibret: Guitar, vocals.

John Huizenga: Drums.


Record Label

Danger Mafia Records, LLC
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