Weed Activists Are Giving Out 4,200 Joints For Trump's Inauguration

Would take more than that to show up... It's technically legal under Washington, D.C., law.

Two Hannibal's

30 Things You Didn't Know About Genghis Khan

A Master Tactician Genghis Khan remains one of the most feared and respected conquerors of all time. His biography is shrouded in mystery and contradiction, but the facts about Genghis Khan are that he rose up from almost certain death on the Mongolian Steppe, united his people, and began a series of gruesome conques....

Marijuana Tax Revenue For Colorado Is High Enough To Build Homes For Homeless

Interesting... Colorado has been the pioneer in the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Essentially, they have been the “guinea pig” state where we have kind of let the government experiment different marijuana regulation policies. I’d like to think this was planned to truly see...

Had my lil Genius G'd up bro w me at Club Lust BK @jungleqb

Colorized Historic Photos Of King Tut's Tomb Are Even More Beautiful Than We Imagined

King Tut I can't look away!

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