Whiskey Bards

We are Modern day Bards with Renaissance, Pirate, Medieval, and Comedy flavours.

The Whiskey Bards are a group of four friends who have joined together to pursue the bardic arts of times past. Their performances include their own arrangements of traditional folk songs, sea shanties, and ballads as well as their own compositions in the bardic idiom. Yes - we used idiom in a sentence!

Over the years, we have had to move far and wide, but the lure of the music and our fans keeps bringing us back for more!

Renaissance Balladiers and Entertainers, designed to make the most of their voices with Medieval flair!

There is an advantage to our silence... new songs are a bubbling! And sorry, Yuma friends, we will likely not be ready with the material for your show, but coming soon to a show near you - "We're not dead yet". And possibly "Crash and Burn" and a small host of others.

Holday season has ended, leading us to a new year! Several Changes to the Whiskey Bards last year from jobs to health (don't worry its all good) and to start the new year off right, we are headed to Yuma for the Two Rivers Renaissance Faire, February 3rd through the 5th. Come join us to help start the new year off right!

To our illustrious fans and chasers... we have a question. There is much about "what we do" that we enjoy ourselves. I know if you come to see us live, you don't get a traditional stage performance, but rather a far more "reach out and touch" performance where you interact WITH us. So... with that in mind, once again we want to hear from you. What would YOU like to see us do? thoughts? Ideas?

Cosimo is OK - he is Just a Lumber Jack! It takes a Nasty Man - to bake an appropriate cake! (No it doesn't rhyme, but it made us think of the song)

We had a fantastic time at the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Fair in Las Vegas! But we also have a request - if you took videos of us, please either load them up here on our page, or to You Tube with out names on it! We would love to see what you captured! Thank you ALL for coming out to see us!

5:00 and our shows are done. Packed up and heading out. Phenomenal time. Thank you age of chivalry, thank you Camp Sam a lot, thank you glass eye pub, thank you Wild. And big thank you to our minion Cody. You all made it enjoyable as always and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

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Band Interests

Singing, Cribbage, general flirtations, and making people laugh and cry (for the right reasons of course)

Band Members

Yonaton von Schwartzflek (AKA Jonathan Hopf), Tonis van Driele (AKA Stephen Hoogerwerf), Sim MacFearchair (AKA Christopher Lyon), Cosimo Orsini (AKA Nevin Phull)


Current Location

Record Label

Motley Music

General Manager

Typically, whomever is in the bathroom while the other 3 vote.

Booking Agent

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