Ethan Freckleton

Ethan Freckleton

Gritty, honest folk-rock

Seattle, WA based Ethan Freckleton continues the tradition of gritty, honest American folk-rock - melding a heavy influence of blues and country music with the louder and heavier guitar sounds of the grunge era that he grew up with, while embodying the pop ethos of "Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus."

Devoted to writing great songs, he has continually refined his approach while studying the craft of songwriting with hit writers - among them: Jeffrey Steele, Tom Hambridge, Hugh Prestwood, Angela Kaset and Don Henry. Their teachings left their mark, as Ethan emerged with his own brand of sincere, soul-infused rock n' roll.

He has been carried in rotation on independent and commercial radio stations around the globe, from the UK's HOT RADIO 102.8 to Southern FM 88.3 in Melbourne, Australia; as well as in the USA on such stations as Los Angeles' KPFK 90.7 FM and Hawaii's college/rock radio station 90.3 KTUH. His album "The Crazy Things We Say" has been carried internationally at indie record stores such as Rock N' Roll Circus in Madrid, Spain.

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My latest single is now available on iTunes!

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Coming soon. xo, Ethan

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In December of 2011 I traveled to Nashville and recorded 5 songs in one long day that began at 10am.

I remember I brought a gallon of water and sang along as the assembled musicians tracked my songs over the course of 4 hours. They were really cool guys and during a mini-break they took turns telling some of the dirtiest jokes I've ever heard. Apparently it's something of a session game to bring fresh new filth and try to top each other! Sure they were dirty fuckers, but these gentlemen also were very present with their spirit and it's amazing what can flow in 2-3 takes.

They finished and we took a break. I had a bite with Michael Webb - who in addition to laying down great keyboard lines was just a standup guy. I'd love to work with him again.

Anyways, I came back and sang the final vocal tracks; somehow (hydration?) my vocals were as strong as they have ever felt and everything happened in two takes.

Jim Reilley and I spent an inspired few moments searching his contacts list to find an available female vocalist to sing a backing track to "My Island" and somehow that came together too.

I released the songs as a digital-only EP and it just never sold. I got radio placements and even snuck in a track on a commercial country radio-station (in the UK) - I guess I fooled them into thinking I was Nashville!

The EP still stands up - I'm amazed at how well these songs hold up with my other works. Definitely a different set of songs than you might expect from me, but I'm proud of them.

I invite the curious and supportive to set aside a few minutes and really take a listen - it would be nice, four years later, to really give this moment of creation and inspiration 15 minutes of loving attention. smile emoticon

You can listen here:

If you really enjoy anything, I invite you to pay a dollar and bring a little piece of my heart and inspiration into your home!

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