Resurrected Late 2012, We are the original Sacrilege from the NWOBHM era that stopped playing in 1983 before any other band took the same name.

Founder member and Lead guitarist/Songwriter and vocalist of 80s Heavy Rock band Sacrilege. Now back writing again and working on new material. In the 80s we played many venues such as the old Marquee in Wardour St. London, also played on the David Jensen show with U2 and the Stranglers. From the TV appearance followed a UK tour of smaller venues finishing with that Marquee gig. We always had a stage show no matter whether it was a pub, club or festival. Fans might remember the real Long dry grass we had all around the stage, the cobwebs over the drum kit,the explosions, dry ice and 4x12 cabinets with crosses and smoke pouring out of them (not the norm for a small Pub Gig!!).
Stopped playing for about 25 years but now back writing and playing "live" again with three great musicians in Neil Turnbull, Jeff Rolland and Tony Vanner. See you very soon.

Heavy Rock Band with crunching Black Sabbath style riffs and 80s metal screaming guitar shredding solos.
Our Full Stage show includes Pyros, smoke, lasers and more.


Sacrilege are on the film set this weekend for new video productions ! Looking forward to some new material to record also ! Rock On ! Metal | London

Some brand new songs sounding great in rehearsal yesterday. If you promise to (mis)behave, we might even play 'em on our forthcoming dates!

We're going to be featured on The Highlander's show on New Regel Radio at 8pm (UK) tonight. Tune in and Rock Out!

Many thanks to our great mate Demonize Debz for playing "Welcome to the Dragons Den" on her show tonight. Why not tune in?

Last day to vote in this survey. It only takes a few seconds to enter 'Sacrilege (NWOBHM)' in the 'Best Band of 2016' category (Question 2). This is going to be a great year for the band....let's give Bill, Tony, Jeff and Neil all the support they need!


Welcome to the Dragons Den kicks off our "six6six" latest album ! Available at Pure Steel Records site....Go ahead and Join the Den ! Metal | London, KEN, UK

Sacrilege – six6six Album Review by Rick Tilley 9 OUT OF 10 Release Date 03/07/2015 Pure Steel Records As it’s over a year since I’ve written anything about…

As you know we are playing this years legends of rock again and hope many of you can come along. Here is a link to where you can book and the band line up.

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