Rebekah Ann Curtis

Rebekah Ann Curtis is a singer, songwriter, radio personality, creator of podcasts, sound engineer, producer, band member, speaker, book writer, etc...

In late 2015, Rebekah Ann Curtis felt a need to return to her roots, Christian music.

EP to be appearing soon...

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I’m Hosting a New Podcast! – Rebekah Ann Curtis I’m Hosting a New Podcast! RAC January 17, 2017 No comments Some of you know that I’ve hosted an all women’s music program on for the past four years, a total of 200 episodes of the Ebb&Flow, which highlighted women in music and women making music. I felt that for me, the interest had…

Don’t Tell Me That – Rebekah Ann Curtis

A bit o' wisdom from Proverbs and real life Don’t Tell Me That RAC January 17, 2017 No comments Recently I overheard someone say something like this, “you know when you falsely praise someone to boost their self esteem…” I about wanted to puke when I heard this. Falsely praising someone? Why on earth would someone want to do that? I suppose...

Looking for something that is all about Christmas this upcoming weekend?

This sing along is awesome!

I'll be there :)

Failing Beautifully – Rebekah Ann Curtis

And a late addition to Failure Part 3! Failing Beautifully RAC November 22, 2016 No comments How to Fail Beautifully (Part 3 of Failure) Once you accept that failure is part of our existence, perfection (in the sense that one is trying to be without sin or not to sin any further by your own strength), is no longer a goal. Being mature,...

How Can I Allow Myself to Fail IF I’m Supposed to Be Perfect? – Rebekah Ann Curtis

Failure part 2! How Can I Allow Myself to Fail IF I’m Supposed to Be Perfect? RAC October 11, 2016 No comments Matthew 5:48 “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” It’s so easy to fall into a trap of thinking that we need to be “perfect.” We socially think of being “perfect” in a few ways: 1....

How to Fail Like a Champ! – Rebekah Ann Curtis

Learn how to fail most excellently! How to Fail Like a Champ! RAC October 10, 2016 No comments It’s OK to fail. Failing is a part of life. Everyone makes mistakes, does things they regret, and does horrible horrible things. Everyone. Some people are better at hiding it than others. What I want to give you today is permission to fail...

How to Pray Prayers that Work – Rebekah Ann Curtis

Here's my first post on my newish website! How to Pray Prayers that Work RAC October 3, 2016 No comments Prayer is an important part of our lives as Christians, or it should be if we are not in practice of prayer. It can be difficult as a Christian if we don’t know how to pray, that we get frustrated when we don’t see our prayers get ans...

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Rebekah Ann Curtis is a member of Tears of Praise band, a community collective of Christian musicians who support each other in their musical adventures as they follow God.


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