The Anatomy of Frank

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All the sounds you thought you forgot from childhood. They are recording an album for every continent, which has brought them to unexpected places.

"The Anatomy of Frank blend the complexity of post-rock with the immediate likability of pop-rock to create music that will get stuck in your head without ever driving you crazy." -

The sun sets on our new home and studio <3

It's South America time baby

Guys, the kickstarter is over and we have reached our goal (we got pretty close, and then have had some private donations to cap it all off). It has been intense, uplifting, challenging, and super educational—seeing this much support from everyone really lets us depart with a huge boost of confidence.

On Monday, we will be flying to Ecuador to start a new chapter of our lives. This is a dream we've had for a long time: the undertaking of our first continent album outside of North America. We did not know how it would happen or where we would be in life, but in this moment, we could not feel more ready for the task. Nor could we be more excited about the music we're about to make.

We appreciate each and every one of you helping us get to this point. I reserve the word "humbling" for this particular application—it is humbling to ask for money. Being greeted with such widespread generosity really takes that humility and turns it into inspiration.

On a personal note, I have had this collection of songs with me for years now, and it has been frightening to not know when or how they would be immortalized on an album. They are very personal and mean an awful lot to me. I will now be taking a deep breath, closing my eyes for a little while, and allowing it to sink in that everything is going to work out better than I could have ever imagined.

Thanks to Annika & Klaus at konzert.XYZ for helping run our kickstarter promotion. Thanks to Officer Jenny for diving into this process with us and relocating to the high mountains of the equator. And thank you, once again, to everyone who pledged and/or spread the word. Our hearts are with you.

Kyle, Jimmy, & Max

6 hours to go and $1500 to raise. Let's do this! —>

We're down to the last 18 hours of our kickstarter (
) and within sight of our goal which is such a wonderful feeling. As a thank you for everyone who's pledged and preordered and all, I've been working on some desktop and phone backgrounds that we're gonna give to all of you who have helped us with this project. They are all original and show some nice places from recent travels and the last tour where we started playing a chunk of the upcoming material we've been working on. The images from South America will have optional text like the banner up above for our facebook header but I'll include no text versions as well (we don't wanna "watermark" you if it doesn't fit your device's aesthetic!). That banner image along with a selection of others--some similar and some pretty different--will be included. Here's a preview of a few. I've still gotta resize and host all of it somewhere so maybe we'll be sending the wallpapers from Ecuador!

27 HOURS TO GO! Just over $2000 left...let's do this!

Photo below was taken by Jimmy in South America—more to come!

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