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It was an amazing sing along night with a huge crowd at Happy's last night. Thank you all for hanging out!

I'll be at Happy's Irish Pub tonight from 9-1 in downtown Baton Rouge, LA.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

I've never met a Nazi in real life, but I imagine they are the same type of person who comes to a complete stop before turning off of a major highway.

Goodbye 2016, we laughed, we cried, we shared triumphs and defeat, but I survived, came out on top, and now you are gone forever.

I am thankful that 2017 is already blooming with opportunities for new beginnings, closer family, and that I get to bring it in with a crazy house party out in the country with my favorite party animal.

She kissed me a tad before midnight, and held on as long as she could before reminding me that there is a better and happier way to live life.

Resolution: Be a man she will be proud of

If you ever feel disappointed in yourself just know that somewhere, there is a millennial watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and trying to figure out why it's not in their history book

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