Peace and Positivity. Prosperity and Longevity. Seattle i got you.

Got a show. Sunday 12/18. NuvoTha1 & RaySav. About 4pm. $10 a ticket.

Tha 4th Chakra


Make sure yall go check out that 4th chakra. Great R&B music by me and NuvoTha1.

soundcloud.com Tha 4th Chakra is a twist of Love and Music. Our old school vibe and positive messages will have you crying out for more. going back and forth between your favorite tracks .... just breath , sit back

The duo is back at it again!!!! NuvoTha1 & RaySav!! Back at studio 7 again. And the tickets are 10 bucks. Me & Nuvo like to keep it old school. So this time no online BS! Tickets come straight from me or Nuvo for $10 in person. Decemeber 18th!! 2 weeks from this sunday. Show start around 4pm. Get @ me for them tickets. Last show of the year!!

The grind is so real right now.

I need 15 likes on this photo! And you get too see the first RaySav video. 15!!! Thats it. Lets gooo!!!

I am sooo pumped. Just made my first solo music video. Not the greatest quality. But its better than nothing. I wanna know how many is gonna even be excited for this? I got an announcement to make after the video. I will keep all posted. Please feel free to express your excitement!!!! Cuz i know i am.

I am not a product of my environment. I am a product of the influences that have gave me the quality traits i stand for today. My product can be in any environment. I dont live a rich lifestyle. But that dont make me a broke product. #206made #foodforthought

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