John Dillon

John Dillon

"The Lost Estate" out on vinyl & cassette -

John Dillon is not a man

Tabs Out | Erasurehead -Yauhtli

still very proud that Plume got to put out this tape from erasurehead - check out this great writeup from Tabs Out Podcast! Black Sand Desert and Unsustainable Social Condition, Yussie, Braeyden Jae, Kösmonaut, Rambutan, Dr. Burtrum, William Ryan Fritch, Seabuckthorn, Hippies Wearing Muzzles, sun hammer, Moon Honey, Pleasure Island, Bastian Void, and Chik White.

Death Mask

Death Mask - climbing slowly in internet popularity "Death Mask" is the Plume Records single from The Lost Estate -the debut album from John Dillon. After the release of the single "Maria" and a cassette run of the album on Portland's Never Anything Re

Band Members

Dillon Sturtevant
Andrew Lombardi
Jake Brady
Brian Noyeswatkins
Bob Martin


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Record Label

Plume Records
Never Anything Records
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