Girls Against Boys

Official Band Page for Girls Against Boys... Much ado about rumbling. and mumbling.

Started as some half-assed idea by Eli Janney in 1986, enhanced briefly by Brendan Canty and Amy Pickering, reinforced by Scott McCloud, reinvigorated by Johnny Temple and Alexis Fleisig, reintroduced by Touch and Go, removed by Geffen and reinterred by Jade Tree. Girls Against Boys was/is a DC/New York/Chicago piñata waiting to be smashed apart into a thousand sweet/sassy/sexy/sinister meaningless pieces.

"Part of that 90s thing..."

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Thanks again to NYCTaper

#NoS Says Girls Against Boys at Saint Vitus Bar via NYCTaper - #Austin

"You'd have to be insane not to... not to..."

Thank you Sound on Sound Fest and everyone who came out. We had a blast even if there was a shortage of flame breathing dragons.

Our final birthday salute, Happy Birthday to Scott McCloud!!

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Let me come back


Band Interests

Making repetitive music, saying nasty things about people that can't defend themselves, taking, taking, taking and not giving, looking in the mirror and saying either, "why?" or "wow. nice."

Band Members

Scott McCloud - guitar, lead vocals; Johnny Temple - bass; Eli Janney - keyboards, bass, vocals; Alexis Fleisig - drums


Current Location

Record Label

Slate, Adult Swim, Touch and Go, Geffen, Jade Tree, Epitonic

Booking Agent

Mahmood Shaikh | Flowerbooking, Inc
938 N. Damen Ave. #1F Chicago, IL 60622
PH: 773.289.3400 FX: 773.751.5545
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