Mexican Savants

Somos de Chihuahua. La esencia rock americano de los 90's, a la realidad del mexicano.

Grunge Made in México.

Nos unimos a la gran tristeza y vacío que deja la pérdida de Dany en la comunidad artística y musical en Chihuahua. Gran músico, y gran ser humano..
Esperamos pronta resignación a su familia.

Just one of those .... awful days ..... Vamos Mexico!!!

Producer Butch Vig: What Would It Take for Today's Artists to Become the Next Nirvana | Music...

He explained: "Kids and people who listen to that music don't want to sit and hear songs about how fucked they are, or how horrible they feel, or how terrible their life, or their job, or their wife, or their family is.

"They want to go out on a Saturday night and party and dance - and I think that is why EDM has been so successful. It is basically club music - dance music. People just want to go out and forget about how miserable their lives might be at any given moment. And pop music has kind of always been about escapism. - Butch Vig 'I do think it is possible. It won't be the same, obviously, because...' / Daily rock, metal, alternative, and punk music news at Ultimate-Guitar.Com

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LA CACERÍA  #videooficial -¡Subtitulado!-
THE HUNTING. La Caza (Video Oficial)
Mexican Savants en ANTENA TV (Chihuahua. Junio. 2014)

Band Members

Edgar Saldívar - Batería (Drums)
Kiko Reyes - Bajo (Bass Guitar)
JM Ogaz - Voz, Guitarras (Vocals, Guitar)
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