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This is a picture of a picture from the #ski museum in St Anton, Austria. Do you think anybody ever gave a little concert in that old tram? I will be doing some singing, playing and interviewing on trams, chairs, and gondolas on this upcoming #liftseries tour. I really hope you come out and meet me on the mountain as well as come to the show.

Love my @lange_boots #langskiboots #alps #liftseries #lit #skinetsports

Skied Zürs today. Day three of skiing in the Cradle of Skiing - Alberg. Now we are back at the house casually missing out on après. We have wine so we don't need to go anywhere. Ski - lunch - sauna - Wreck It Ralph - wine & cheese. The life. @jonathaneshak @kristinajackson1 photo #liftseries #wine #shred #ski

The alps are beautiful and it's a dream come true to ski here, but I really can't wait to get back to the states and get to skiing on my ski tour. #bdliftseries #liftseries

Bad selfie in the icy alps. I'm here on vacation with some great people. I snuck away to get some runs in by myself. I have to get my legs ready for my ski tour in a couple of weeks. #liftseries #bdliftseries #stantonamarlberg

I've been enjoying and making pilgrimages to this lake since I was brand new in my mother's arms or on my father's shoulders. The Sierra Nevada is my mountain home and has been ever since I've wondered and looked for meaning in things. Tonight I fly over an ocean to another mountain range. I hope you all get to spend some time in the mountains soon.

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