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When you don't know your girl is a THOT 😂😖 Via DeStorm Power w/ Splack and Elizabeth Ruiz

When she texts you late at night 😂 Via DengisV

Such a SAVAGE 😂 Via IG @LMAO

I don't even know what to say about this......... Via Anto Sharp

This is insanity Via IG @LMAO

Basketball on fire... CRAZY 🔥🏀🔥 Via IG @SavageRealm

The Perfect Girlfriend doesn't exi.... Via Brookelyn w/ Woody & Kleiny

Damnnnn he got up! Via IG @Trended

Put a wig on and you good lmao Via DeStorm Power w/ @christianjames_official @official_janina

One pull..... howdy hahaha listen to this 😂😂 Via IG @Trended

This made me LOL Via IG @LMAO

SAVAVE bruhhh Via IG @LMAO

Did he really say rain drop crock pot??? Via Adam McArthur and LankyBox

Short girl problems..... 😂🐻 Via IG @LMAO

Didn't expect that 👀 💥 💥 Via IG @SavageRealm


Yoooo watch out for Soulja Boy 😂 🔫 🔫 Via IG @DCyoungfly

Ayyyyy feed that fish 😂 💯 Via Billy Marchiafava

Bless me bro wtf! Via DeStorm Power w/ Klarity

WAIT FOR IT Via Shitheadsteve

Instant karma lmaooo 😂 Via IG @Trended

How to get girls to cook more... Via DeStorm Power w/ @official_janina @jillyanais @tayylor_stevens


Sound check

Sound check

Kc we here at the Harrahs casino voodoo lounge tonight me and the homo LLYOD "truth" let's get it!

This is incredible hahaha Via IG @LMAO

2017 be like..... Via IG @Trended

His girlfriend cheated on him! Via IG @LMAO

LMAO why parents gotta do this?


Trueeee trueeee

Yoooo she got folded lmaoooo Via Shitheadsteve

She can EAT... Via Caters TV

Hahaha too true Via Anto Sharp

I'm good bro Via IG @LMAO

wtf she tased him.... Via IG @Trended

Didn't expect that haha Via IG @LMAO

So true 😂 😂 😂 Via IG @DabMoms

Such a fangirl hahaha Via IG @NoelLeonInsta

NEED this for the backyard 🍻 🍻 Via IG @DabMoms


He's got balls of steel! Via Caters TV

Hahaha so true Via Billy Marchiafava

Genius Via IG @DabMoms

White girls everywhere are crying Via Billy Marchiafava

Wait for the guy at the end 😂 😂 Via IG @LMAO

That's my homie right there Via IG @Davie_Dave

A real transformer... the end made me LOL Via Olly Ince


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