Bury Your Dead

10 Year Anniversary of Beauty and the Breakdown!

Bury Your Dead is an American hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts formed in 2001. To date there are eight releases; one EP: Bury Your Dead, one live DVD: Alive, and six studio albums: You Had Me at Hello, Cover Your Tracks, Beauty and the Breakdown, Bury Your Dead, It's Nothing Personal and Mosh N' Roll.

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2017. Out of sight, out of mind. I'm out of shape but I'm not out of time.

I don't know what else to say except we are playing shows:

Sat. 3/25 Providence Tattoo & Music Fest 3, Fete Music Hall - Providence, RI
Sat. 4/1 Brews and Bruise Fest 3, Club Diesel - Chesterfield, MI
Sun. 4/2 Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
TBD. Make Up Show - Near Niagara Falls, NY

We'll post more details in the coming days, but the bottom line is you want to be at these. What songs we're gonna play... that's the best part.

Now visit me in the comments while I respond vaguely to requests to play in other places!

photo: @cmpatchell

20 years ago, 13 year old Mat loved Forty Days Rain, and it turns out 33 year old Mat still knows all the words. And, just like 20 years ago, Mellissa Sue was there to have my back if anything happened. lol Tonight was awesome. -*Mat #HomeByEleven #IUsedToMosh (photo: Return To The Pit)

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Band Members

Mat Bruso - Vocals
Brendan "Slim" MacDonald - Guitar
Aaron "Bubble" Patrick - Bass
Chris Towning - Guitar
Mark Castillo - Drums


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Booking Agent

Jonathan Wilson - TKO Booking
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