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They Now Make Adult Reward Stickers—Because You Deserve Some Acknowledgement Too


I'm definitely gonna give myself these 😉

simplemost.com Every morning, adults wake up faced with a list of responsibilities. There are things we all have to do or we’ll lose our jobs and our children and we’ll end up homeless and starving. Okay, that may be a tad dramatic, but it’s basically the truth, isn’t it? Meanwhile, all kids have to

It's Friday!!

7 Home Remedies That Get The Doctor Seal Of Approval


❤ me some home remedies! has anyone tried any of these?!

simplemost.com Home remedies are great for keeping you from running to the doctor for every cough and sniffle. Check out these tried-and-true remedies for your family.


Video Shows Huge Alligator Crossing In Front Of Florida Tourists


WHOA!!! 🐊 👀

simplemost.com Alligator sightings are apparently pretty common in Florida, but video of one gator in particular is making the rounds on the internet—and for good reason. Video footage of what’s estimated to be a 12-foot alligator crossing in front of visitors to the Circle B Bar Reserve in Florida is astonishing....

Can't believe this was a year ago Redbook Magazine... #tbt


Watch Ed Sheeran Sing 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Theme Song


👍 👍

simplemost.com I’ve got one question for you: Where has Ed Sheeran been? He’s been a little MIA lately, hasn’t he? But actually, that doesn’t even matter anymore, because he is back and better than ever. Not only has Sheeran dropped two songs off of his forthcoming album, “Divide,” but he’s also just made our live...

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