I'm Casey Cooper - Drummer - 24 - Atlanta,Georgia. I make YouTube videos & I am a @Drumeo Instructor!

I'm Casey Cooper, or COOP3RDRUMM3R, a drummer born in Arlington, Texas, and now based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm currently attending Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, and play drum set for the Marching Band and Basketball Band.

I've been playing drums for close to 15 years now. Variety and flexibility are two things that I pride myself in. If you watch my videos you will see everything from dubstep covers to classic rock performances, drum and bass solo work, christian praise bands to pop covers. I try to be as flexible and versatile as possible in my drumming so that I may perform and succeed in many situations. I've performed for everything from comedy shows, rock shows, churches, to marching bands, and recorded all varieties of music.

As much as I value technical skills behind a set, my most important asset is that of being a musician and not just a drummer. Although I love showing off and playing really difficult parts, I focus on recognizing and using drums to add to and highlight the important parts of songs. My job as I see it is to add to and make the song better, and not to take away by writing parts that are distracting and obnoxious. This can be shown most effectively in the studio recordings I produce for various artists.

Now that you know a little about me, and you've been introduced to the world of COOP3RDRUMM3R, feel free to check out my work, hit me up to ask a question, suggest a song to cover, or contact me if you're interested in having me record, perform, or collaborate in whatever situation you have. I am always willing to play, and I really enjoy interesting musical opportunities.

A little bit about my instrument of choice:
I have always played Pearl drums, and endorse them every chance I get, but I also have a major appreciation for numerous other brands.

COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Plays:

Pearl Drums:
Pearl Icon 3 Sided Rack and all Pearl Hardware
Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator 3001 Double Pedals
Pearl ELX Series Ruby Fade 7 Piece -
10 x 8" 12x10" 13x11" Rack Toms,
16x16" 18x16" Floor Toms,
22x18" Bass,
14x4.5" Snare
Pearl 13x2.5" Piccolo Snare
Pearl 13x4.5" Steel Shell Snare
Pearl 10x4" M-80 Firecracker Snare

Zildjian Cymbals:
16" & 18" A Custom Crashes
8" & 10" A Custom Splashes
20" A Custom Ride
14" A Custom Hi-Hats
12" Oriental Trash China
16" Oriental Trash China
8" & 10" ZXT Trashformer Splashes (Only Some Videos, They Are The Bent Colorful Cymbals)

Vic Firth Sticks:
Buddy Rich Signatures, as well as 5A whites.

Remo Drumheads:
Remo Pinstripe on Toms, and Remo Controlled Sound Coated or Emperor X Coated Snare Heads

These brands are the best brands in the industry and because of that they are my favorite and I will always play them. I love using them, and recommend them to anyone looking for excellent, great sounding, and beautiful drum equipment!

Casey Cooper, or COOP3RDRUMM3R, is an Atlanta-based drummer who specializes in live shows, studio recording, youtube videos, lessons, and teaching.
He is currently attending Georgia State University, and is the Drum Set player for the marching band and basketball band.
Always willing to play, you can contact him for gigs of all varieties, studio recording, drum tracks and videos, lessons, instructional seminars etc.

INDONESIAN FOLLOWERS I NEED YOUR HELP! I will be in Jakarta, Indonesia next month and was hoping to do a couple meet and greets/clinics/performances while I'm there, but I have no connections. If you have a connection that might be interested in hosting this, leave a comment and send me a message on here! Also, leave a like and a comment if you would want to come!

I've been using my 64 Audio custom IEM's for a few years now, and when I hit them up for a replacement cable in time for my next live gig, they overnighted it to me. Such awesome gear and customer service! 👍🏻

#throwbackthursday to me and one of my first bands in high school! 😂 we were called ToRTuS!
Here's a video:
And another:

2016, thank you for an incredible year, and a huge thank you to all of you! 2016 saw me marry the love of my life, the beautiful Hannah Faith and welcome our amazing son, Cadence Westin into our world! Together we were the first drum channel in the world to pass 1,000,000 subscribers and with the help of you all and my incredible sponsors we were able to hook 9 different drummers up with new kits and drummers all over the planet received prizes! God has truly blessed me and my family and I hope that I can continue to bless others and be the best and most positive role model I can be with the platform I have been given! God bless you and a happy new year to you! Bring on 2017!!! #pearldrums #zildjian #vicfirth #remo

Happy New Year from The Coopers! :)

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