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This review describes the band better than we do http://www.nocleansinging.com/2016/01/29/an-ncs-album-premiere-and-a-review-rhine-an-outsider/

Check check, this thing still on? We're back after a short time away for the holidays with some new material and sick new shows coming up, including this one in a couple weeks at The Kraken Bar & Lounge February 17 with Blood And Thunder, Odyssian, and Sacrifice to Survive. We're celebrating Gabe's and Alex's birthdays with a rip-roaring night of proggy, metallic, heavy jams! Will there be free cake too? Come to the Kraken and find out!

Happy birthday to our drummer, Carlos!

We're home safe and sound from tour after a fun show at Obsidian Saturday night. Thanks to everyone that saw us while we were on the road! Saw some cool new places, made some awesome new friends, and had a great experience between the bunch of us. Big thanks to Danny from Rat King for joining us out on the road and to our tourmates in A Flourishing Scourge. Those dudes are on the road for another week, so be sure to catch them on the remainder of their dates.

As for us, we're back in the lab working on new material. Got some new songs we're excited to share soon. Stay tuned!

Last night on the road with A Flourishing Scourge. Gonna miss these guys...

Still time to catch both bands on the same awesome bill though. We're playing at Back Bar SoFa with Hounds of Innsmouth and Mohicans as part of C2SV. Show starts at 8:30. See you there!

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Carlos with Lightsaber Sticks!

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lots of shows, tours and many records

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Gabe Tachell - guitar/vocals
Alex Smolin - guitar
Carlos Delgado - Drums
James Porter - Bass


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