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Tonight in Miami with @borgore @jackalproducer @wearegta @jamestonthieves @fawksmusic @badroyale @chefsaymyname @pyramidschemeedm @trapzillas and more! I'm on at 5am ! : @nickjonace ticket info:

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Lmao thank you CodedFriends for more info go to


Thanks Shamon Cassette 😏

Hahahahahahaahaha @lloydchristmas94

Late night every night @nasssty.ya

My homie @manthonymusic

Tonight be like w/ Crichy Crich Song: @Nathaniel knows ft @crichy crich coming soon

Out here tryna get fit w/ @whodafuxcrichy

whenever youre feeling hella sad just remember that youre hella rad Crichy Crich Shamon Cassette 🌹

"The only thing that stays the same is change" @sagefrancissfr

Love don't pay the rent✌🏼️✌🏼️Jacket: @dope ( to get 20% off use code NATHANIEL15 ) #dopesquad 📽/👖 : @shamoncassette

My remix EP of SoundSystem ft &Shamon Cassette is now out on Fool's Gold Records ft remixes from Styles&Complete Ditta & Dumont Subsurge (link in bio) 🌹

That feel when Shamon Cassette Crichy Crich Brewski keep me actin right

My remix pack is out now on Fool's Gold Records with remixes from Styles&Complete Subsurge and Ditta & Dumont🌹 Spotify:

Happiness 🌹 Leonardo DiCaprio InkMonster. Crichy Crich KING TUTT The @subsurge remix of my tune SoundSystem ft Shamon Cassette is coming soon to Fool's Gold Records link for original here:🌹

Who ate all the pizza rolls?

The @dittaanddumont remix of my song SoundSystem ft @shamoncassette is out now on @foolsgoldrecs #clubhouse ( link in bio )

Just dancing with my dad in the hills 🌹 #calves

My homie Subsurge 's remix of SoundSystem ft Shamon Cassette is coming soon to Fool's Gold Records #clubhouse 🌹 (sound on)

Me @shamoncassette at @424inc 🌹

When you dead inside and living on drakes 💧💧💧Follow me on @supeapp

My track SoundSystem ft @shamoncassette is out on @foolsgoldrecs #clubhouse and we are going to @foolsgoldrecs DAY OFF ! Who is going? ( Song link in bio ) @foolsgoldrecs day off info here: FGDAYOFF.COM ( ft @larryfisherman @kingpush @atrak and friends )

When you burn your pizza rolls 😢

The beginingggg

My new tune w/ @dittaanddumont ft. Matt is now out on @fareastmovement 's new label @brednbutter ��

Can you only love one puppy?

Me and Dirt Monkey raised $772.66 from our track "From The Back" for HOMELESS VETERANS ( Volunteers of America Los Angeles Battle Buddy Bridge ) which helps fund veterans building homes for homeless veterans ✨ more info here: ( thank you for the write up <3 )

My @bbcradio1 mix on the @aanightingale show is now on @livemixtapes ( @clubtapes ) LINK IN BIO (song: Sound System - @nathanielknows ft @shamoncassette ) Coming v soon ( video by: @meanmugg )

What do you get when you link a rapper, 2 UFC fighters & a NFL player? Watch this... Underdog" by Ray Yung

Follow me and @brewski773 on Snapchat cause I'm I hate myself

Had so much fun playing @sky_sky_ bday party w/ @shamoncassette :D by: @nathanielknows @dirtmonkeymusic ft @shamoncassette - "ABBA" Appearances by: @ibrokeyourheart @itslulo @bioglitz @kingtuttmusic @whodafuxcrichy @meandmyhotfriends1 @karixmichelle @ravenewworld @dumpsterbaby @marz_valentine @savannahbree @bbyhaylz Video by @nellynelnels

"Profit" by @whodafuxcrichy ( prod. By @_hpntk @djwoogie @nathanielknows ) is out and the video comes out soon

When I like someone😭😂 This is me. Follow @pussiebones on IG 🐱😭😂

Tomorrow ! Me and @shamoncassette playing poolside at the standard rooftop pool for @sky_sky_ bday cc: @yru @ravenewworld @esqape ✨✨

Playing a v rare set DTLA w/ @shamoncassette at @softleatherclub presented by @deathxface ft. @tamara_sky @itslulo @lunamiu @nikkilipstick @sky_sky_ @boytweetsworldx

Making it to BBC Radio 1Xtra has always been a dream of mine I want to thank Annie Nightingale for giving me the opportunity if you didn't know she is the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1 and its longest-serving presenter to hear my mix hit link in my bio ✨✨✨ ( Song: Nathaniel Knows x Dirt Monkey ft Shamon Cassette - ABBA )

When da drugs kick innnnn.... V excited about Shamon Cassette coming back from Europe tonight 🚗🚗🚀🚀

#wcw @gina_itor 🌹

BBC radio 1 mix :D
I have a bbc BBC Radio 1Xtra mix coming out at 5pm LA time or 1am BST ( British summer time ) on the Annie Nightingale show! lots of unreleased music you ❤️ LISTEN HERE::

Leonardo DiCaprio and KING TUTT 😭😂😭😂 WHO IS IN VEGAS ?LETS HANG! Song: Ditta & Dumont x @nathaniel knows - Rip Shit get it here:

Go to to get entered to win 4 tickets + meet and greet!

Wait for it.... Snapchat: nathanielknows

Thinking about cutting itt




Tonight in Miami with @borgore @jackalproducer @wearegta @jamestonthieves @fawksmusic @badroyale @chefsaymyname @pyramidschemeedm @trapzillas and more! I'm on at 5am ! : @nickjonace ticket info:

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