Enslaved By Fear

Played Rocklahoma 2016 for our second time at one of the nations largest music Festivals!

We've been a band since 2013, working hard and fast to make it to the top. We released our "Envy EP" in september of 2013, only 5 months after we formed, so that we'd have music for people to hear.
We played at Rocklahoma 2014, as well as playing with Silence The Messenger, For Today, Phinehas, War of Ages, Trivium, Five Finger Death Punch, Deftones, Killswitch Engage, and many more awesome bands. We have very high energy on stage, never a boring show from us. Our full Length album was released on September 11, 2015. We do have merchandise like shirts, bracelets, CD's, Hats, stickers, patches, posters, koozies, and more. We have our music available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and more. We have a professional music video on youtube.
We are a very well rounded intelligent band, striving for what we love, and succeeding when we try our hardest. We know what we're doing, and we're always ready to take the next step.

We are a high energy metalcore band but we have our hands in soft ballads as well. We released our Envy EP September 13 2013 then almost two years later to the day we released the full length album American Death Grip on September 11 2015. All music is available on Itunes, google, and many other online outlets.

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Band Interests

Putting on an awesome high energy show and Pokemon Go.

Band Members

Vocals: Brax E. Goth,
Lead Guitar/backup vocals: Tristan (The Architekt) Thrash,
Bass/backup vocals: Tony Thrash,
Drums: Ben-jamin (Thrash)


Current Location

Record Label


General Manager

Yvonne Loveland
Email: vqmykl@gmail.com

Booking Agent

Yvonne Loveland
Email: vqmykl@gmail.com

Brax E. Goth
Email: braxegoth@gmail.com
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