Viva Vocalists

Dedicated to educating students young and old about contemporary music, and having fun in the process. Join us!

Viva Vocalists is a contemporary performance class taught by Shawna Avinger, Kristen Ramer Liang, Daniel Story, and Janna Wachter. Viva Vocalists has partnered with The Esoterics as their education ensemble! Students ages 16 and older learn and perform scenes from opera and musical theatre (one-act operas, original musical revues and choral masterworks). Skills learned include acting, dialogue, sight-singing, music theory, costume, make-up and much more.

See Viva Vocalists perform the tragic #LesMis! Our show opens in one week!
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Enjolras rallies the people!
#LesMis runs Jan 25-29.
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The Bishop and Valjean.
Come see #LesMis Jan 25-29!
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Viva in Rehearsal for #LesMis. Jan 25-29 2017.

Viva in Rehearsal for #LesMis. Jan 25-29 2017.

Today, members of our cast met with Hannah of Belle Ampleur to try on and help with costumes!

#vivavocalists #lesmis #vivashow

Hannah of Belle Ampleur went to Twelfth Night Productions for costume pieces! We can’t wait! #vivavocalists #vivashow #belleampleur

Valjean and the Thénardiers.
Les Mis runs Jan 25-29.
#vivashow #vivavocalists

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