Anatolia's Finest

Anatolia's Finest

Electronic tales, Industrial Beats, and spoken words. Noh and Metatron deliver. What is Ambition? What is Faith?

Wait? Ghosts and vampire witches are real?
"Soucouyant" split with The Null Spectre.


Glad to see Me vs. The Kite / Earl release their first album (my favorite of 2017 so far)! Awesome tracks, i find myself oddly inspired by it, and still humming the tunes. also we got a remix snuck in at the end of the album.

Check it out! they have some good stuff!

My EP is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.

Check it out and let me know what you think! If you dig the tunes, tell all of your friends, spread the word out and share this post for me.

After talking about wanting to make my own music for years, talking about forming a band and getting inspiration from artists I've surrounded myself with recently, I finally decided to write songs from beginning to end.

Each instruments from guitar, bass, drums, ukulele and keyboard were played by me. The songs are written, recorded, and mixed by me in my basement.

A shout out to Erin, Sean, Rayford, Adrian, and Rob for helping, inspiring, and pushing me to create.

Rob from ATB mastered all of my tracks and helped mix Runaway and Cloudy Afternoon.

Ray Optik put some of his word smithing skills for Misfits & Outcasts while Anatolia's Finest put his noisey touch to remix the song to become Broken Misfits & Tattered Outcasts.


Google Play:

Broken Misfits & Tattered Outcasts (remix by Anatolia's Finest)

NEW REMIX, for that NEW Daydream Serenade album from Me vs. The Kite. Enjoy, honestly check out the entire album. Album gives me such good vibes of Gitaroo Man and JSRF <3.

for your hardware nerds out there. there's heavy use of a Metasonix RK2 XS-VCA, inspired by the old Probe demos where they'd run pop music through the tubes to listen to it get torn up. Also a bit of the Glitchmachines Hysteresis / Fracture.

Enjoy! An EP that I recorded and mixed in my basement. Inspired by classic rock and guitar music. Thanks for Erin Hovland, Sean Richer, Rob Castro and Rayford Bagley for all your help and inspiring me to pu

your fash IS precog trash

inspired by Philip K. Dick himself, for a project from EclectiCollective.

You are just trash. Bass Line + Wails = metasonix s2000 Melody Texture = access Virus B Percussion = Electribe ES-1 mk II Percussive Texture = Metasonix Kv-100 "assblaster" + ElectroFaustus BlackFly + Korg Electribe ER-1

DEMO MournWhelk 2 (Malekko NoiseRing + Metasonix s2000 / d2000 + Make Noise WoggleBug)

longer more structured jam, in the form of yesterday's Mournwhelk series.

the pairing of Metasonix / Mutable Instruments is fantastic. The grids driving the d1000. (the jam has a break down at 4 minute mark).

the Malekko Heavy Industry noisering is driving the s2000's pitch and gate.

gotta keep at it daily to get better at it. Anatolia's Finest, is the one piece industrial noise outfit of producer Metatron, and vocalist Noh. Will evil prevail? What is ambition? What is faith? What is Anatolia's Finest.

Anatolia's Finest

"It hoards Lorwyn's rare sorrows."

got myself a Malekko Heavy Industry #richther #noiseRing for christmas. paired it up with the Make Noise #woggleBug and the Metasonix #s2000. The Wretch / Michael, BLUSH_RESPONSE / Joey, and Daniel got me on modular. glad to be there. happy 2016.

got myself a Malekko Heavy Industry #richther #noiseRing for christmas. paired it up with the Make Noise #woggleBug and the Metasonix #s2000. The The Wretch and BLUSH_RESPONSE got me on modular. glad to be there. happy 2016.

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Band Members

Noh - Vocalist. Noise Junky
Metatron - Producer


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