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Swamp Meat bring a lazy '60s feel to their lighter, floral-patterned, psychedelic-tinged garage. Frayed and a little off, their casual approach wins. You want some harmonica in there? Put some harmonica in there. You want that high note in there, but you're not sure you can hit it? Whatever, it's great. That's seriously what makes it great. If I wanted to listen to perfectly executed vintage pop, I wouldn't. - The Stranger

Swamp Meat, Elephant Graveyard (out now, self-released, swampmeat.bandcamp.com): A new take on ’60s psychedelic pop, Graveyard is all at once expansive and controlled. The first track, “Snake Eat Self,” is reminiscent of some of Hendrix’s trippier soundscapes like “1983 . . . (A Merman I Should Turn to Be),” while the following number, “Katie’s Farm,” is more of an upbeat rendering of the classic-pop mold. - Seattle Weekly

Swamp Meat 7-inch (out now, self-released, swampmeat.bandcamp.com): Swampy is an apt descriptor for this trio’s latest, given their penchant for muddy, lo-fi production values and love of large-room reverb. The B-side, “Filling Up the Void,” is particularly thick and languid, with both a male and female vocal buried in the marshy mix. - Seattle Weekly

We raised $50.80 for Standing Rock from the show last night. Thank you all for coming and showing ur support!!! Luvya

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We playing a stripped down intimate set in Ballard at a Halloween party THIS Friday



Big big thanks to Lila Burns and Rashell Hubbard for making this stellar video of a bran nougat song. Recorded in the basement of NIHM complete with kaleidoscope visions and techy trashing lyrics https://vimeo.com/180369372

vimeo.com "Fancy Suits" by Swamp Meat https://swampmeat.bandcamp.com/

Hi frandzzzz!!! I'm playing a solo show with some touring bands from SF tonight. It's gonna be a lovely nice time full of good people and good tune. I go on 1st and will be playing echoy electric guitar and foot drums.

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