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DADDY TREETOPS is a guitar wranglin' honky-tonk country blues howler, currently residing in obscurity. Also somewhat competent on some other instruments and implements. Been playin' since knee-high to a whatever-that-was. From solo to orchestral.

* * * DADDY TREETOPS * * * from ragtime to rock n roll. * * * from solo to orchestral. * * * Born and raised in Seattle, WA. Grew up some more in Bellingham, WA. First inspired by "invasion blues" sounds of the Yardbirds and the Rolling Stones and the folk strains of older sister's acoustic guitar. Soon led to search for real blues by songwriter credits, other friends of similar interest, and archival curiosity. Chess, Yazoo, OJL, Blues Classics, Arhoolie among labels releasing pivotal recordings of brilliant songsters with great names: Elmore James, Lightnin' Hopkins, Charley Patton, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Lonnie Johnson (no relations, of course), Buddy Boy Hawkins, Furry Lewis, Bukka White --- the list goes on, people... ...Up in Bellingham, took in some more "country-fied" influences through association with local legendary band Swift Current (see Joe "Hippiebilly" Paquin under "Country" in Blues + Country = Rock&Roll ... and there ain't nothin wrong with that! ....Daddy Treetops loves all kinds of music and plays with versatility on guitars, basses, pianos, banjos, mandolins, acoustically and electrically. And loves to travel America and beyond... * * * * * * * * * * * DISCOGRAPHY: .. .. .. CYNTHIA GAYNEAU - BLUE HIGHWAY: Botte Music 1996. Walter Cryderman. DADDY TREETOPS plays upright & electric basses on this fine collection of Ms. Gayneau's honky-tonkin' original tunes. .. .. .. DADDY TREETOPS - SHORT STORIES/TALL TALES: Treetopia 1998. Prod. by Daddy Treetops. dTREE's debut CD recording. Half originals, half from traditional sources; 100% Treetopian! .. .. .. BLUE HEALERS - SHAKE YOU DOWN : Aug. 2006. Prod. by D & Di. DADDY TREETOPS, vcl. and gtr. on Track 5, "Don't Come Runnin'" ...Get shook down in a good way!

January 8, 1935, somewhere near Tupelo, Mississippi ...
Happy Birthday to The King !!!
& Don't Be Cruel ~ ^^ B| ^^^^

Well that was certainly a fun little exercise on Friday night, my first solo gig in well over a year, down the street at the Longhorn. A challenge and a struggle, but I managed to fool some folks into thinkin I'm getting back on my guitar game. Played a long first set on the F-ashional steel, leaning heavy into old blues and slide and shit. Then switched on the trusty old Gibson and laid into the juke-box medley of oddball originals and cover tunes from the back of my brain, definitely had a couple false-starts, a few things I just cannot play anymore (or "yet") ... but the crowd hanged out and even clapped sometimes and the tip jug had a nice green-back tinge to it by the end of the night. Thanks everybody !!
I think I expended quite a lot of energy on this endeavor, as I had no problem sleepin in late this morning
~ Peace Out, Peoples !!
& I may start lookin for the next little juke joint to play at ...
~ ^^ B| ^^^^

Our POURBOYS gig last night was loads of fun, with due props to DanoMac (Daniel McMillin) filling in more-than-ably on drums ... we do miss our Donnie Teeesdale and wish him a most speedy recovery !!! ~ ^^ B| ^^^^

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Treetopia ...!!!
There is something essential and elemental to sittin' by the woodstove fresh outta the shower buck naked listening to Music From Big Pink REAL LOUD ...

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