Sex Prisoner

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Come watch us play and drink some Mt Dew on the rocks afterwards! Look forward to seeing all of you

what's up Texas, let's drink some dews.

CVLT Nation’s Top Seven POWERVIOLENCE / GRINDCORE Releases of 2016

Thanks Cvlt Nation, let's party! SEVEN – INFERNAL COIL Burning Prayer of Infinite Hatred Infernal Coil is the most diabolical and fucked in the head band you will hear today!!! They hail from Boise, Idaho and have created another ULTRA strong debut with four-song tape Burning Prayer of Infinite Hatred. What you’ll hear when you

Is Europe cold late October/ early November? Asking for a friend.

What a fantastic way to start the year, Tucson and Arizona friends alike.

Just a friendly reminder, Phoenix friends.

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Kyle -Bass/Vocas
Kevin -Vocals
Gilbert -Drums
Matthew -Guitar


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To Live A Lie, Bad Teeth Recordings
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