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Little Feat is one of rock n’ roll’s best live bands ever. That statement has been reinforced and documented both by fans and journalists alike for decades. In 40 years of touring, concert-goers are continually mesmerized by six exceptional musicians who tear it up collectively and individually, with both verve and instrumental prowess night after night. Their songs cross many genres: rock, the blues; jazz fusion; and a unique brand of southern rock with simmering acoustic interludes and a healthy dash of Cajun funk thrown in. Little Feat remains a viable force in rock, touring regularly, mixing it up nightly and continuing to produce new and vital music. This band still harnesses the passion, creativity and excitement that embodies its definitive works and remains the quintessential rock band it has always been. So for exceptional live music punctuated with both intense flares of spontaneity and jams that will leave you numb and begging for more, catch Little Feat live. It’s what the Rock n’ Roll Doctor ordered! FACEBOOK ADMINISTRATORS -Steve Klein, Randal Ahlswede, Holger Siebert, Chris Cafiero and Kurt Westh Nielson

Feats At Five : Encore Presentation of Feats At Five Podcast Show SHOW #196

Encore Presentation of Feats At Five Podcast Show SHOW #196

What Do You Want The Girl To Do
Rock & Roll Doctor (Hoy Hoy)
Front Page News (Hoy Hoy)
Hangin’ On To The Good Times
Things Happen
Feelin’ All Gone

“Off The Board”
Acoustic Show, Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival,
Fredericton, NB, Canada 9/15/05

Hate To Lose Your Lovin’
Six Feet Of Snow
Long Distance Love
Why Don’t It Look Like The Way That It Talk
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now EDIT_HERE

Better Daze Music

“Awesome rhythm & groove on “All That I Need” that you just can’t ignore…uplifting energy, solidly written and expertly performed – what’s not to love?... It’s got that like…Sly & The Family Stone kind of cool going-on throughout the entire cut…reminds me of that slick sound & sweet funk of a track like “If You Want Me To Stay,”...” ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios

Feats At Five : Encore Presentation of Feats At Five Podcast Show SHOW #195

Encore Presentation of Feats At Five Podcast Show SHOW #195

Mercenary Territory
Got No Shadow
Roll Um Easy
Missin’ You
Truck Stop Girl
Cold,Cold,Cold (w/Bonnie)
Heaven Forsaken

“Off The Board”
The Theatre At Madison Square Garden, The Jammy’s 4/20/06

A Apolitical Blues >
Long Distance Love >
The Sky Is Cryin’ >
A Apolitical Blues
Jammin’ (w/Bella Fleck, Charles Musselwhite)
Dixie Chicken > (w/everyone)

artwork by Dick Bangham

Videos (See all)

Sailing Shoes
OH ATLANTA, Boston 9/08/16
Mellow Down Easy - 09.08.16
Paul and Fred Duo
Cadillac Hotel - 1995

Band Members

Paul Barrere - guitar, vocals
Bill Payne - keyboard, vocals
Fred Tackett - guitar, mandolin, trumpet, vocals
Kenny Gradney - bass
Sam Clayton - percussion, vocals
Gabe Ford - drums
Richie Hayward - drums, vocals (2/6/46 - 8/12/10)
Lowell Thomas George - guitar, vocals (4/13/45 - 6/29/79)


Current Location

Record Label

Rounder Records

General Manager

Metropolitan Talent
PO Box 1730
NY, NY 10113
John Scher ext 755

Cameron Sears

Booking Agent

Agency for the Performing Arts
Contact: Seth Rappaport
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