Philip Bugg Meeden

WCAIMA Nominee | AZ Hip Hop Hoodie Award Nominee. Prime Philips A.K.A. Beerbugg. Music Producer | Recording Artist | CRAS Alumni

Prime Philips aka Beerbugg is an American music producer/recording artist. Born Philip Meeden in 1980 from Phoenix, Arizona. Prime Philips started writing lyrics at the tender age of 11 and started producing music at age 14. Musical genres include Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Experimental, Other and has done work with/for Baby Bash, El DeBarge Jr., Goldie Loc (Tha Eastsidaz), MC Magic, Zig Zag (NB Ridaz), Frank V (Proper Dos) as well as many other nationally, regional and locally noteworthy artists.

2013 / 2014 Arizona Hip Hop Hoodie Award Nominee for Producer Of The Year.

2013-2014 West Coast American Indian Music Award Nominee (Online Peoples Choice Award)

Featured in EMURGE Magazine (2013 May Edition)

Featured Artist on: (London) (Gernmany)
Eyerocks Radio Hot Mix (
NMEmagazine (
Urban Heartbeat 93.3 FM ( etc.

Founder/CEO/Owner of Savage Sound Recording Studio

Current project(s) Debut Solo Album "Valley Fever"

Heritage: Tohono O├│dham, Quechan (Kwatsan), Pascua Yaqui, Latino (Mexican American)

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