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Holly Near is a unique combination of entertainer, teacher, and activist.

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Definition of Principles and Guiding Vision of the Women's March


Hey Santa Cruz. we have added a second show for next weekend, Jan 21st at 9pm as the first show is sold out. Join me with Tammy Hall, Jan Martinelli, and MIchaelle Goerlitz.
Tickets at http://www.pulseproductions.net/

The Constitution is not a document for the government to restrain the people: it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government. Patrick Henry

Why Shepard Fairey's inauguration protest posters won't have Trump on them


And the ways in which we show our selves continues. Showing not only what we are against but what we are actually for in contrast. http://ow.ly/E65I3080gnA

pbs.org "We thought it was the right time to make a campaign that’s about diversity and inclusion, about people seeing the common bonds we have, and our...

These Are the Women Organizing the Women’s March on Washington


Thanks Amy for posting - great photo. Vogue Mag. Notice anything different about this photo than one that might have been taken in the seventies? Damn right. This is what the new feminist movement looks like. Strong, bright, determined, creative and colorful in profound opposition to the new administration. Wondering whose leadership to follow? This is the symbol of my new "cabinet".
http://ow.ly/vpAI3080fCP http://ow.ly/kAxj3080fkH

vogue.com The Women’s March on Washington may seem like it emerged out of thin air, but these women have been working around the clock to make sure it happens.

Cory Booker: Jeff Sessions Lacks the 'Courageous Empathy' Necessary to Be Attorney General


alternet.org Booker's testimony opposing Senate colleague Sessions as AG was unprecedented.

I posted thoughts on coalition. Some people misunderstood and thought I was suggesting coalition with Trump. No, I was suggesting we learn coalition in center and left so we can work together to preserve human and civil rights, the constitution, the environment. Even people who mostly agree have a hard time working together. Now more than ever we have to learn.

In this coming week, as people prepare to join women's marches around the country, and even for those who do not, I hope we can each pause to not only consider what we are against, but to get clarity as to what we are for. It is the latter question that will be central to all the coalitions. Can we remember that in coalition work, we bring our whole selves to the table but we do not own the table. We do not assume that the only language and cultural experience will be our own. We honor leadership but not domination. We do not expect to feel safe but rather work with others to feel represented. There is compromise in coalition. So when tempers flair to the degree that the reason for gathering threatens to go up in flames, let there be an agreement to sit quiet for a few minutes before continuing. I wish everyone patience, clarity and integrity. And then have some fun!

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