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Ali Jamal is a self taught Muti-Instrumentalist and Composer/Song Writer.Producer/Singer. Full Bio -

Ali Jamal Singer

Ali Jamal was born on 21st march in dubai
He has spent his Life in Dubai, Ali Jamal start learning music in his school life, During his childhood days, he used to perform in front of crowd of thousands of people, he received early education in music from many music teacher, In 1996 he made a musical band in Dubai (UAE) the band based on pop rock music, UAE music lovers appreciated him a lot.

In 2000 Ali Jamal started his stage performances with famous Indian and Pakistani artists. UAE music lovers appreciated him a lot, He came, he saw and he conquered. Since his first single NAINA- Ali Jamal has been ruling the hearts of listeners and audiences through his voice and his song. Ali never came from a family of musicians but all he had was raw talent and the passion to be a musician. He was courageous enough to sing in his own style.

In very early days he became a well-known singer. Now days Ali Jamal working on his music album “SUFI ROCK”. Ali Jamal has only released two popular hits “Naina” and “Mere Sahib Nu Wadiyaiyan” which have got massive popularity in Pakistan and even in foreign countries. He is currently working on his debut album which is said to be released in November 2013.
Ali Is also Awarded For Voice of UAE in 2014

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