Louisiana's LeRoux

The melodic classic rock band with excellent harmonies and tight musicianship that produced hits like "New Orleans Ladies," "Take A Ride On A Riverboat," "Addicted," "Nobody Said It Was Easy," and "Carrie's Gone" can only be LeRoux!

Great show just added to our tour...PLAN NOW for your Labor Day Weekend! Louisiana's LeRoux will be back at Paradise Bar and Grill in Pensacola, FL , playing both Sunday and Monday of that holiday on the Emerald Coast. Book your rooms now and get ready for the big party ending the 2017 Summer season!

Don't forget to plan your Mardi Gras celebration with Louisiana's LeRoux in Panama City Beach, FL. We will perform at the Celebration Stage at 5:45 pm on Saturday, February 25th, at 600 Pier Park Drive. It's going to be a great time for all at what has become one of the most exciting Mardi Gras events on the Gulf Coast! Make your plans early and we hope to see lots of you there! PLEASE SHARE!

The year 2016 will definitely go down in the history books. There is no denying the shakeups; the loss and the wins; and the tragedies both natural and man-made. In the world of entertainment, we saw the untimely and oftentimes shocking death of so many. We felt the loss of those who not only shaped the way we have come to create but also those who helped us appreciate all who take to the stage. Whether it was music, theater, film, or TV, we remember those who made it ok for us as entertainers to feel good in our own skin. Their unique contributions to their craft was felt around the globe. For those of us who make music, we felt the loss on a personal level. However, all that was good about this past year certainly brought good to Louisiana's LeRoux. In 2016, we worked more shows than ever in this Century; we reached so many more people; we added huge numbers to our fan base; and our classic hits, fresh and revamped were accepted at every venue. We felt the love and we are most grateful. But a new year is about to dawn. In 2017, LeRoux officially begins its 40th Anniversary Tour. We could not be more excited about this new adventure. It all begins when we hit the Mardi Gras season at Panama City Beach, FL on February 25th. While a more detailed schedule of our shows will be released later, one other show that we are really excited about is a performance booked for the New Orleans French Quarter Festival in April. How fitting that we play in the Quarter as we celebrate the anniversary of our most memorable song, "New Orleans' Ladies!" And this past year, you might have noticed how we have changed up some of our sets and added a few songs by folks we've performed with over the years. For our Anniversary Tour, we would like our fans to get involved in our song selection. Take a look at our first five albums: Louisiana's LeRoux, Keep The Fire Burnin', Up, Last Safe Place, and So Fired Up. Let us know in your comments what songs you would like for us to add to our set list. Perhaps you might have an idea for a rock medley or a funk medley based on tunes from our albums. You might also like a medley of some of our more mellow songs. Throw us some ideas! What would you like to hear on our Anniversary Tour? We want to know from you and make you a part of the next 12 months. We wish you all a very Happy New Year! And we can't wait to see you in 2017! PLEASE SHARE!

It's amazing how much fun this band can have with great fans, playing at a wonderful festival, in a great town like Natchitoches, LA! Merry Christmas, everyone! We love ya!

It was a very cold night in Natchitoches, LA for the Christmas Festival of Lights...but LeRoux braved the cold, as did their fans, and put on a rocking show!

PLEASE SHARE! Don't forget to start your Christmas Holidays with Louisiana's LeRoux, this Saturday, Dec 10 in Natchitoches, LA at the Festival of Lights Christmas Celebration. LeRoux takes the stage at 7:15 pm! It's going to be a fun time y'all!

Many of us spent this past week in thanks with our families and friends dear to us. Louisiana's LeRoux also was ever mindful of the great year we have had thus far in 2016. We worked hard, we played in new venues, and we made thousands of new fans. We are so grateful for the opportunities given to us as a band, and we so appreciate the care you have shown us as we have traveled throughout the State and beyond. Never far from our thoughts is the great tragedy that took Louisiana completely unaware. The historic rainfall that flooded so many homes and swept through personal belongings and businesses was an encroachment upon the fabric of who we are. LeRoux was honored to perform at three huge benefits for the victims of that once in a lifetime storm. Still, closer to our heart was the great loss suffered by our own bass player, Joey Decker. He did not endure this alone. His elderly mother, his brother, and his sister had arrived at his house early on in the evening, believing they had found higher, safer ground as the storm progressed through the night. This was not to be the case, when the early morning had arrived, it was clear Joey's house would be engulfed by the raging waters. While they were able to evacuate, and when the sun settled, it was clear that all four family members lost their homes and everything in those houses, what belonged to them. Even today, as most of us celebrated Thanksgiving in our own homes or those of family or friends, Joey is still without a place to call his own. These are times that would test the very soul of some men and women. Joey, however has remained strong and grateful. While his loss was great, he was able to keep the most precious gift of all--the gift of life. As a band, LeRoux can say awesome things about the year 2016. It is amazing that we have added more than 12,000 people to our fan base. It has been wonderful to know that if you string it all out, we have played almost every month of the year, and for the most part, almost always in a new setting where we were greeted warmly. Make no mistake, Louisiana's LeRoux is quite thankful. But surely what has touched us most has been the outpouring of love, support, and financial gifts to our brother Joey during what is still a difficult time. While things remain in disrepair, you have helped to shape Joey's journey to a new home and a quality of life that Mother Nature did indeed rip from his grasp. We thank all of you for your big hearts. It is that ember of light, that North Star that makes our home, Louisiana so bright! It all begins with YOU!

THIS JUST IN...Louisiana's LeRoux will be performing at the Panama City Beach Mardi Gras Festival, Saturday, Feb 25! The Emerald Coast has become one of the top places in the country to have a great Mardi Gras experience. Make your plans now and join us on the beach for a rocking good time! With Rod Roddy, Jim Odom, Tony Julia Haselden, Terry Brock, Nelson Blanchard, Mark Duthu, Randy Scott Carpenter, and Joey Decker. PLEASE SHARE!

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