Disco Risqué

Funky, Rock & Roll Dance Party from Charlottesville, VA. Members John Bruner, Robert Prescott, Charlie Murchie and Ryan Calonder.

From the depths of rock n’ roll, funk and dance music Hell comes Disco Risqué. Formed in early 2014 in Charlottesville, Virginia, guitarist Charlie Murchie, drummer Robert Prescott and bassist John Bruner have spent their time together taking pieces of their souls, personalities and life experiences and manifesting them into notes and lyrics with one goal: To take over the world one sweaty, borderline psychotic music lover at a time. Since adding vocalist and trumpet player, Ryan Calonder, in early 2015 their music has taken on a warmth and soulful body that completes the sound they set out to achieve and a viciously captivating element to their live performances.
In the Fall of 2015 Disco Risqué released their debut self-titled double album recorded at The Sound Recording Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. This ambitious release marks a milestone for the band and is, “The most important album to come out of Virginia in decades,” according to band manager Steve Lanza. The record pulls from influences all over the musical spectrum ranging from heavy metal riffs to espionage surfer tunes, catchy lyrical hooks, funky breaks and everything in-between.

BALTIMORE!!! We're coming back to the The 8x10 with People's Blues of Richmond and The Schooley Mountain Band on March 22nd. Mark your calendars now this is gonna be rowdy!

2017 is looking fun already!
The Dawn Drapes, Surprise Attack, The Fat Catz, Gang of Thieves, Boylan Heights, The Golden Pony - VA, IOTA Club & Cafe, Awendaw Green, Cary St. Cafe, Martin's Downtown, The Ante Room, The Camel

Big shout out to everyone who kicked off the holiday weekend with us last night at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall!

Setlist 12.23.16
A Risqué Family Christmas
The Southern Charlottesville VA

The Voyage of the Dawn Shredder
Dr. Funkzilla McBallerwallet
Something for Nothing *
Funny Money *
Nacho Man>
Wreckfest at Riffany's>
Sterling Sharpe Cheddar>
"Pig & Elephant DNA just won't splice">
Sterling Sharpe Cheddar>
Wreckfest at Riffany's>
Nacho Man Randy Sausage
(Aka Nacho Inception)
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree #
If He Were Me He'd Get It #
Bag of Tricks
Failure > (mannequinn pause)
Talk to the Robots + >
Honeypot duet +
All I Want for Christmas is You +÷=

0007 =
A Few Words
Last Christmas ÷
John Doe Has the Upper Hand
Tango and Smash
Santa in my Lunchbox

Happy Christmas (war is over) ÷=
Carol of the Bells ÷=

*Tucker Rogers
#Lucas Brown
+Erin Lunsford
÷Garen Dorsey
=Ryan Lipps

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Band Members

Robert Prescott - Drums
John Bruner - Bass
Charlie Murchie - Guitar
Ryan Calonder - Horns, Vocals


Current Location

General Manager

Steve Lanza Jr.

Booking Agent

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