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"The [2112] album’s 40th birthday is being celebrated with a fresh remaster from Abbey Road Studios. Differences to previous remasters are subtle, but the results are excellent. Lifeson’s guitars are meaty, Lee’s bass is deep and strong, and Peart’s tom fills will perform chiropractic adjustments if you lie down on your headphones" - Jeff Elbel Bassist Geddy Lee has described Rush as “the world’s biggest cult band.” Among the trio’s most devoted followers, you’ll find fans claiming any one of the Canadian prog-rock powerhouse’s twenty albums as their favorite. To the world at large, however, it all comes down to 1976’s 2112 and 1981’s Movi...

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The limelight keeps finding Rush authority from Tonawanda - The Buffalo News Ray Wawrzyniak, a WNY teacher and family man, is perhaps the world's foremost authority on legendary Canadian progressive rock band Rush.

We are so saddened to hear the news of the sudden and abrupt demise of Classic Rock Magazine, Prog Magazine, Metal Hammer, Team Rock Radio, Team Rock online, as well as the Prog Awards and the Classic Rock Awards.

We are thinking of the very talented and passionate staff that lived to bring the music of so many artists to their fans. We've met some amazing people through our interviews over the years with writers like Phil Wilding, Jerry Ewing, and Paul Elliott just to name a few. Props to Ben Ward who started a donation page to help the 73 staffers that are now without a job or wages just before the holidays. We're donating and we urge the rock community to do the same, whatever you can do to support:

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Happy December 21, or for Rush fans everywhere 21/12 day.

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Geddy Lee: Vocals, Bass & Keys
Alex Lifeson: Guitar
Neil Peart: Drums & Percussion


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Canada: Anthem Records. United States: Roadrunner Records

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SRO Management - Toronto, On CANADA
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