Relient K

Um. Just the freshest band in the world.

We make fresh songs


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Just made another playlist. This could possibly be pre show playlist for our upcoming tour, although it could change a bit. I really enjoy making playlists, and this one doesn't have a specific theme, but I started putting songs on a list when I would hear them or think about them and this is that haphazard list. Follow it from our Spotify page, or from the link here. Love ya, hope your night is peaceful - mh

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Mountaintop (Official Music Video)
God (Official Audio)
God (Official Audio)

Band Interests

being fresh

Band Members

Matthew Thiessen
Lead vocals/Guitars/Piano

Matthew Hoopes

plus friends:

Tom Breyfogle

Dave Douglas

Relient K Plays...
Vic Firth, Fender Guitars and whatnot, Badcat Amps, New Vintage Amplifiers, Ernie Ball Strings, Bondi Effects overdrives


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Record Label

Mono vs Stereo / Gotee Records
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