Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm

"You're a little bit damaged, I'm a sucker for that"

Brimming with sensual intensity, climaxing with anthemic rock choruses, honest, haunting, sultry, sexy… These are words that have been used to describe the work of Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm - an alternative rock band formed around the eclectic songwriting of Lauren Hoffman and featuring cello, electric violin, rock guitar and rhythm section, piano, synth, and vocal harmonies.

New Year's is over, but I'm still not over the awesome pics Tristan Williams took of us! Did I really never share this one?!? Well shit, here it is now! And here's to new music, a new album, new adventures, and remembering that art CAN be as powerful as politics. Let's keep doing our part to make the world ours. #Cheers !!!

"Family Ghost" comes out Jan 27! In a way, this album was over ten years in the making. When we came together as a band, in addition to newly written songs, I brought in some 'orphans' - songs from around the time I made "Choreography" that never made it on any of my solo records. Til It Lasts, Don't Look Back, The Dragon, and Sick With Love all finally found a home in our band and on our first record. There's also an updated version of Broken that I'm excited to release! It's taken a lot of work to bring this album out and I had hoped to get it out last year, but yay its finally almost here! Here we go 2017! #laurenhoffman #thesecretstorm #newalbum #familyghost

LH&TSS at the NYE Pajama Dance Party as seen by Brian Wimer @brian_wimer @southerncville 💜

Album release show coming up Jan 27!!! @southerncville with @thesallyroseband

Dancin like no one's taking our picture and so ready for the New Year's Eve Pajama Dance Party

THIS is what I've been looking forward to all month! Part pajama party, part dance party, part rock show; Lets DO this!!!

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Lauren Hoffman ~ vocals, songs //
Tony Lechmanski ~ guitar //
Cathy Monnes ~ cello, electric violin, backing vocals //
Ethan Lipscomb ~ keyboards //
Jeff Diehm ~ bass // Kevin Ardrey ~ Drums //


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