Spontaneous Rex

Spontaneous Rex

Check out our debut album, Come At The King! spontaneousrex.bandcamp.com Jake Sele (keys), Matt Williams (guitar), Joe Eck (drums), Nick Lonien (bass).

Spontaneous Rex is an experimental jazz and avant-rock band based in Seattle. The band focuses on originals and covers that range from modern jazz to fusion; from electronic music to progressive rock, creating their own signature style. The band is a quartet of piano/keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums.

In Spontaneous Rex, you'll find an eclectic range of influences, including spontaneous composition, seventies fusion, electronic improvisation, prog rock, and contemporary jazz, all seamlessly melded together in a unique, mind-expanding, limit-pushing musical experience. And although drawing from these influences, SPONTANEOUS REX creates an original sound with their own compositions and unique arrangements, but all the while still putting on an energetic and lively show.

Spontaneous Rex is comprised of Jake Sele (piano/keyboards), Matt Williams (electric guitar), Nick Lonien (bass), and Joe Eck (drums). The four met while studying music at Cornish College, and since starting to play together, the group immediately received critical acclaim from a wide range of sources, including jazz musicians, classical instrumentalists, and composers alike. SPONTANEOUS REX is currently working on their debut album, which is slated to release in the winter.

We're playing at Chop Suey this Tuesday as part of 4 HOURS TO LIVE, a series where you put down your worries and just chill and listen to music for 4 hours. And since we could all use that, we decided to do it. We play at 10:30pm.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the Substation! It was a great show with great people!

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Jake Sele (piano/keyboards), Matt Williams (guitar), Nick Lonien (bass), and Joe Eck (drums)


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