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Black Prez is a Colorado-raised, LA-based rapper, actor, and jokester with a keen appetite for beer and lactose free strawberry milk.

Always having a passion for music, Black Prez began writing his own lyrics around the age of 13 in his middle school English class. At home he would make remixes to his favorite songs and sell CDs for lunch money.

After high school, Black Prez took his talents to Colorado State University where he started doing shows around the city and surrounding states. He also teamed up with DJ T-Bone Scarpone and together they would crash house parties with turntables and microphones to create a buzz.

Prez eventually moved to Los Angeles to take his music career further. With lots of live shows and collaborations under his belt, Black Prez’s YouTube channel has reached close to 2 million views.

With his Colorado/German roots and happy go lucky attitude, Black Prez has a unique sound and always represents where he comes from!

call me blicky

You see this beanie I am wearing in this picture? Well I lost it. Or maybe it was stolen. I am not sure. Either way, that is not the point of this post. Or maybe it is?
I remember rocking it a few months ago on a plane. I also recall a kid eyeing me on the flight the entire time. According to my calculations there is a 13% chance that he snatched it from me mid-nap.
Kid, if you are reading this, gimme my beanie back. If you didn't take it, it's all good. Give it back anyway.
What I really want to say is:
WOW! I got a bunch of new shit coming out soon and I want to inform you all to stay tuned. Also, thanks for being dope as shit and stickin roun with Blicky Black The Prezident.
Check me out on these other social media outlets to stay up-to-date with all the good shit! YAOH~


had to cop The Captain

8 More Than 92 Black Prez - 8 More Than 92

when they tell me I should pick n choose

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