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The genetic fabric of your new favorite duo, Jef Miles, consists of two hearty, well-raised, tax-paying, strapping young Canadians: Jeffrey David Harris and Myles Power. Born and raised as small-town boys from the country, both decided to put away the rake and shovel, and move to the downtown core of Vancouver, Canada.

The Jef Miles method for song production requires a full immersion into the theme of a song. “It’s about telling a story through sound and opening up the mind and heart of the listener.” Writing music with a “Jef Miles mentality” means that every element of the song needs to align with the theme, 110%. If the song lends itself to the Pacific Islands, then YES, there needs to be an inflatable palm tree in the room (or else the diva of the group—ahem, Miles—will take a walk). The result: complete diversity in music because all of Jef Miles’ music takes their own journeys.

To be truly effective, Jef Miles will NEVER commit to one style of song and no single genre can pigeonhole their sound.

Jef Miles music goes deep.
Jef Miles music goes crazy.
Jef Miles music goes melodic.
Jef Miles music gets angry (especially when the KICK DRUM doesn’t sound right ☹).
Jef Miles music gets beautiful (because girl, you know you are ☺).

Jef Miles’ goal is to bring the world the many gifts that music has given them. “We want to create moments that make people feel the love for themselves and each other. Music has carried us through both the downs and ups in life; we want to bring people up to a better place through the music we make.”

Jef Miles consists of 2 talented story-telling EDM producers based in Vancouver, BC, drawing on inspirations of conceptual and tone poem music from the 19th century, Jef Miles sought to inspire listeners to recollect a feeling or memory through the journey of their music.

Ready, set, NAP! 🐻💤

Jef Miles

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