The Beatles

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"The story began in Harold Macmillan’s “never had it so good” ’50s Britain. It should be fiction: four teenagers with no more than eight O’Levels between them, running and biking and busing and busking all over Liverpool in search of new chords and old guitars and half-decent drum kit and any gig at all.

They were determined to amount to something (in George’s words “we just had this amazing inner feeling of: ‘We’re going to do it’. I don’t know why… we were just cocky”) and make a record (in Ringo’s words "you’d kill for that bit of plastic and make some money and have a laugh and shout.") That would do to be going on with.

Six years later, they were the four most famous and musical men on earth, the best dressed and on a good day the most captivating people anyone can remember. The narrative that began where Paul met John and clicked at a garden fete in leafy Liverpool, and ended in high dudgeon in high-end London, is so far fetched that it needs the power of a song punctuating every page to remind you with a joyous jolt that it was all true.

We didn’t dream it... though it came out of John’s dream of the “man on a flaming pie” who said “You are Beatles with an ‘A’”. It did all happen. The whole wonderful thing did happen, a long time ago, on the Mersey, on the Elbe, by the Thames and the Hudson River.

Amazing and marvellous and, nearly [fifty] years on, forever young."
Derek Taylor

George Harrison

Work-In-Progress - The Beatles (White Album).

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We're thrilled that The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years has been nominated for a BAFTA, in the Documentary category.

Aboard the Fritz Otto Maria Anna, across the River Thames. 1969.

Photo © Apple Corps.

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