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Exciting news! I'm going on US tour! Really looking forward to being a part of the #playthatsongtour with Train and OAR this Summer. Cant wait to see everyone!

A movie about black female mathematicians just beat 'Star Wars' to become the top film in America

Yes ! The Golden Globe-nominated film cut 'Rogue One''s four-weekend spree a bit short.

I'm not American but it was a great honour for me (and my mum's dream for me come true) to hang with a president. He and the First Lady were really sweet to me when I met them a couple years ago , even after I stepped on Michelle's toe by accident!!! I feel like they did a lot of really good things and I have an inkling that they will continue to after they have left the office . I also feel grateful for all the wonderful Americans I have met and to be made to feel so welcome. Xxx

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