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Steve Morse is a guitarist renowned for his intricate compositions, innovative techniques, and versatility across musical genres. Having started playing guitar around the age of 11, he later on attended University of Miami's School of Music, where he studied classical guitar and jazz. A "guitarist's guitarist", he was voted "Best Overall Guitarist" in the Guitar Player Readers Poll for five consecutive years, before being removed from eligibility to open the award to other musicians, and being inducted into their Gallery of Greats. His work has received seven Grammy award nominations, and he has appeared on over 200 albums.

Steve has established himself in a wide range of musical genres, from classical guitar to jazz and fusion to country and bluegrass to progressive rock, pop rock and hard rock, beginning with bands such as the Dixie Dregs, the Steve Morse Band and Kansas. In 1994, Steve joined Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Deep Purple, and is the band's longest-serving guitarist. Their most recent studio album, 2013's Now What?! earned the group 12 gold and platinum albums, with five #1 national album chart positions.

In 2011, Morse joined the newly formed progressive pop/rock supergroup Flying Colors. To date, they recorded two studio albums and two live albums, including the #1 nationally-charting Live in Europe. In between work with his bands, Steve appears and records with other artists, guesting on over 60 albums to date.

Looking ahead, Deep Purple will release a new studio album in 2017 with producer Bob Ezrin. Flying Colors is reconvening in December of 2016 to begin a new studio album, and work has begun on a new supergroup with his son, Kevin, who is also a guitarist. There are also plans with Angelfire.

Steve plays a series of signature guitars designed with Ernie Ball Music Man, outfitted with his signature DiMarzio pickups, and ENGL amplifiers all of which contribute to his ubiquitous guitar sound, heard throughout 2016 and 2017 as Deep Purple and his other bands tour throughout the world on all five continents.

I never thought I would see a calendar say '2017' in my lifetime, but here we are. Time is passing faster and faster, and now that I'm finally wise enough to make some better decisions, many of those opportunities have passed. The one thing that I have no regrets about is spending time with family, having an occupation that has allowed me much freedom of expression, and helping others when possible. More than ever, I see that the most important part of my career should have been trying to be the best example for younger players. The measures of success all fade, compared to somebody being a positive influence on our chaotic culture. Support your local musicians, and Happy New Year!

Angelfire CD - Calliopia


Angelfire is a special recording. We did it with absolutely no other reason other than having something beautiful and interesting to listen to. Sarah's voice and ideas made me want to start another tune everytime we recorded. Over the course of a year or so, we ended up with this album. Finally, there is an easy way to get a copy on CD (includes a download). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! - Steve

Update: You can hear the music at the link to check it out. Angelfire is the acoustic pop album from Steve Morse, singer Sarah Spencer, and the Steve Morse Band (Dave LaRue and Van Romaine). With gorgeous acoustic textures written by Steve and Sarah, and the incredible musicianship of Dave and Van, this album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from Steve.…

Excited to be seeing these guys again starting work on Flying Colors 3!

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What If? :)

Classic Rock StarJam Loops | TC Electronic

Some of my pals at TC Electronic are offering you the chance to win a Ditto X2 looper to celebrate their Classic Rock StarJam loop pack, featuring me, Doug Aldrich, Richard Fortus, and Steve Stevens,

Be sure to check it out here! The winner is picked November 23rd. A Classic Rock StarJam Loop bundle featuring gunslingers Doug Aldrich, Steve Stevens and Richard Fortus.

Steve Morse Archives - Calliopia

Buenas tardes Spanien, Guten Tag Deutschland,
Dzień dobry Polska, and Hello UK! We wanted to announce the launch of Steve’s official jewellery. Here’s a message from Steve:

"Hi, everybody! This is the first time I have had anything to do with any merchandise being sold online. I want to let you know that any jewelry that uses guitar strings, uses the strings from one of our tours. It always feels strange to throw away old strings, and this feels so much better. Our jewelry maker has figured a cool way to make art out of the used string. Thanks for your support!" - Steve

Deep Purple | Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp | Music Events Los Angeles | Hollywood, CA

Anyone fancy coming for a jam? Come to Rock'n'Roll Fantasy camp, Mar. 2-5, 2017 • Hollywood, CA Jam with and learn from the world's greatest musicians. Write & Record an original song. Play in a band led by a Rock Star. Perform Live at Whisky A Go Go. Play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or sing. From Beginners to Pros, Teenagers to Retirees, everyone is Welcome.

People always ask me about playing guitar, here are a couple of tips for any guitarists out there. Does anybody have any questions or tips of your own to share?

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