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Grammy nominated Christian vocalist and multi Dove Award winner, Natalie Grant, is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN. Natalie's work has gained international acclaim, including five Dove Awards for Female Vocalist of the year. Natalie is married to producer Bernie Herms and they have three children Grace Ana, Isabella Noelle and Sadie Rose.

"How could I make You so small, when you're the One who holds it all..."

Sailing out in the middle of this massive ocean immediately brings to mind HIS greatness, and my smallness. HE is the King who was, the King who is, the King for always. #kingoftheworld #klovecruise

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles…” Isaiah 40:31
There was a point not too long ago, when it was hard for me to even read that scripture. I remember thinking “my strength is ANYTHING but renewed. My strength is gone. And I am not soaring, I’m sinking.”
I am so glad the truth of WHO HE IS is not dependent on how I feel. He is who He is in spite of how I feel. I’ve come to understand that I can choose to soar - His strength is perfect, but I must choose to rest in his strength and not panic.

I love this definition of the word soar:
“Maintain height in the air without flapping wings.”

Wow. Anyone ever feel like you’re “flapping” around a lot? No wonder we aren’t soaring. Is panic or peace your first response? I love this word “SOAR” for 2017. That’s why I have designed this new piece for NG by Natalie Grant, and chose it as our first design of the year. So much fear and uncertainty in 2016. Lots of flapping around. But no more swaying to and fro. It’s time to be sure-footed. We can live with incredible confidence when our lives are built on the most solid foundation. So for 2017: Less panic, more peace. Less flapping, more trusting.
To purchase this necklace, click here: and as always, your purchase will help others soar through Hope for Justice.

My word for today: trust.
He's got this. He's got us.

While our culture inundates us with the idea that the more we have, the happier we will be, as children of God we understand that the blessing really is in giving more than receiving. That is why I so love taking a moment during every Dare to Be event to honor an unsuspecting, extraordinary woman. It is always a joy and a privilege to sing their praises each night, as a room full of women whom they have never met, stand and applaud their sister in Christ. But we don't stop there. Last year we paid a sweet woman's rent for a year, ripped up another woman's credit card statement and told her that her cards were paid off in full, we sent another woman and her family to Disney World, while another woman we were able to bless with a car! The best part? In each new city, those tangible blessings were made possible by the generosity of the women in the city the night before. Talk about paying it forward!

Ok SO: ladies - we want to hear from you! Who are the heroes in your life? Tell us about your amazing mom, aunt, best friend or co-worker. Tell us their inspiring story. The 2017 Dare to Be tour is right around the corner and we are looking for new stories to tell and more sisters to bless. Go to to nominate a woman in one of the cities we are going to that are listed below. If you know anyone in or around those areas, tell us their story. Together, we can #beoneforsomeone ❤

January 26 | LYNCHBURG, VA - Closed
January 27 | PHILADELPHIA, PA - Open until January 16
January 28 | WASHINGTON, D.C. - Open until January 16
January 29 | ASHLAND, KY - Open until January 16
February 2 | CARROLLTON, TX - Open until January 23
February 4 | RALEIGH, NC - Open until January 23
February 23 | SAVANNAH, GA - Open until February 13
February 24 | CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Open until February 13
February 25 | TALLAHASSEE, FL - Open until February 13
March 2 | GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Open until February 13
March 3 | MILWAUKEE, WI - Open until February 13
March 5 | LOUISVILLE, KY - Open until February 20

Snow Day!!!! And we are all just a little excited. What's the weather like where you live?

SO excited that the 4th book in my #glimmergirls series for tween girls releases on 1/31! Written for girls ages 8-12 in mind, each book follows twins Mia & Maddie, and their little sister Lou Lou on their adventures as they tour with their singing mom, Gloria Glimmer! Sound familiar?!
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Believe the best.
Forgive the rest.
Say "I love you."

Advice I plan to follow in 2017.

Happy New Year from my family to yours! Praying the hope of Christ fills your hearts and homes in 2017. And praying that same hope guides the way we live and love. The world doesn't need our religion. They need JESUS. Hope lives! May it live in us.

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