Whiny, angsty, ever-changing, opinionated queer-ass noise-folk stuff for kids who grew up on pop punk. https://open.spotify.com/artist/6lWfg4fiblKwzMFasZyohX

"How do you say your band name?" - Random guy at every show

"That's some Xiu Xiu shit or something..." - Mario Armando Ruiz (All Your Sisters)

"What language is that?" Another random guy

"I like the acoustic stuff you used to do a lot better" - Adam France (Burn Burn Burn)

"Stop doing that thing with the cassette tapes... it's weird." - Mostly anyone who liked my first album

"You're the Bob Pollard of NW folk-noise." Mike Propst (An Empty Room/Various Reasons)

I don't like talking about myself all that much.

From Here: Music made in Eugene, OR, a playlist by Julia Mahncke on Spotify


I've been added to this sweet playlist by Julia Mahncke of Loftän/KWVA. Check it out and hear me, and other Eugene locals.

open.spotify.com A playlist featuring Sojourner, Thom Simon, Sen Wisher, and others

Double exposure photo by David Zakharov

Photo by David Zakharov.

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Entresol Handmade Sigil Tee / Battle Download | Entresol


I've got a few tees left. Each comes with a download of my most recent EP. Only seven bones.

entresolpnw.bandcamp.com Black tee with Entresol's personal sigil design applied using a color removal process. This sigil, while baring many personal meanings, represents a unification of the self, a shrugging off of oppressive societal and religious expectations and finding meaning and worth within. Tee comes with free do...

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Fair & Balanced / The Ibis (Excerpt) LIVE AT BLACK FOREST
Noise suite outro/Perilous Little Anvil

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playing shows. never playing shows again. club soda with lime.


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Joshua Isaac Finch


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Joshua Isaac Finch
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